We supply Ziegler carpets and rugs from Afghanistan and India. The Afghan Ziegler Carpets and Rugs are hand knotted,  made from Gazney wool and are vegetable dyed. There are a few qualities of Ziegler, these are determined with the type of wool used ie Gazney , Karachi, Marino. Ziegler is a design rather than a quality.

Chubi/Chobi is the same thing but using a slightly different design. Knots per square inch is another way to tell,  like pixals on a film the finer the better. Each warehouse will go to Pakistan or Afghanistan and  purchase the carpets and rugs which have already been made, or if they wish to get a better finish or better colours for the UK market they will get it made for them. Some will pay even more for the rug by having the carpets and rugs washed many times. We deal with all of the qualities that the warehouses have.

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